SIM900A MINI V4.0 Wireless Data Transmission Module GSM, GPRS Board Kit w/Antenna

VCC —— 5V DC above 1A.

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This module power supply requirements: 5V Power supply, computer debugging early computer USB powered Can meet the requirements. Because we added a large capacitance of 1000UF. Long-term transmission of data power recommended 1A or more DC, TTL level serial port compatible with compatible 3.3V and 5V microcontroller.

Can be directly connected to the microcontroller. Standby is about 80mA, you can set the hibernation state in about 10mA low power consumption. Supports SMS, data, MMS, Internet and so on. Reset the pin leads to the scene can be achieved on duty remote reset, with DTMF function to achieve remote control function.The biggest advantage of the module is to retain 232, in the study or development can monitor 51 low-end microcontroller and module instruction execution, can quickly find out the reasons, save development and learning time. [Support 2,3,4G mobile phone card To The Default this section.


Advantages of this module:

  • Serial circuit: TVS and magnetic beads protection device to protect the board, so that the board will not be a surge, high voltage damage.
  • SIM card circuit: increase SMF05C electrostatic discharge chip.
  • Antenna circuit: to ensure that the short and straight, so as to ensure the signal strength.
  • PCB display: each interface silk screen marked to facilitate the secondary development, designed to fully follow the SIM900A hardware design manual.
  • All the way 5V power supply interface: we made a protection, even if the reverse will not burn board. Initial debugging of the Computer USB power supply can be; Long-term transmission of data consumption is greater we recommend more than 1A DC.
  • All the way TTL interface: support 3.3V microcontroller and 5V microcontroller. Which is to support 51 class 5V microcontroller and STM32 microcontroller.
  • Two antenna interface: SMA antenna interface, IPX MINI antenna interface (default is not welding).
  • All the way 232 level interface: that is to say you can through a 232 — USB serial cable directly to the module connected to the computer up. Can also be USB – TTL connected to the computer, depending on the individual accessories. Do not need to spend more money to buy accessories This is and is the biggest difference between other sellers.

The reason why our SIM900A module in the design had to retain the 232 interface, was because 51 and other low-end micro-controllers can not be simulated, so you can not know the microcontroller issued to the SIM900A module for the implementation of each instruction. But this problem in our was solved by SIM900A module 232 interface, to connect the module to the computer, you can easily monitor the implementation of each instruction, in the actual development is particularly useful, many problems are found through the 232.

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