X9C103S digital Potentiometer module

X9C103S digital Potentiometer module with  Power Supply Voltage:3V-5V

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1.Power Supply Voltage:3V-5V
2.Chip:X9C103S (default)
3.10K full range potentiometer
4.Potentiometer Range:0-10K,100 levels in total
5.Digital potentiometer VL and VH port respectively correspond the low port and high port of the slide rheostat,and it allows input voltage range is -5V to +5V
6.PCB Size:2.7*1.3cm
7.Digital potentiometer module is attached with testing program, the program code is C Language code. The code includes the header file of main function, display sub-function, key sub-function, users can adopt KEIL4 to open source code to test and study


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